Breakfast at Agritur Cristina is always carefully prepared and served. It’s realized with love and care, almost entirely using the products of the family farm: indeed you can find not just the products that usually are served in hotels (i.e. the, coffee, milk, biscuits, toasts, cornflakes, etc.), but also homemade, typical and natural food, like:

  • Raspberry, apple, elder, sour cherry juice;
  • Raspberry, strawberry, blackberry, redcurrant, apple, cherry, sour cherry, yellow and red plum, apricot jam;
  • White bread, bread with pumpkin or sunflower seeds, cumin, walnuts;
  • White yogurt;
  • Apple, carrot and yogurt pies, apple fritters, baked apples;
  • Typical cakes like strudel, “brezedel”, “zelten” and “torta sbrisolona”;
  • Seasonal fresh fruit;
  • Honey from local farms;
  • Cheese, ham, salami, bacon and other meat produced in local farms and dairies.