The "Brentari Alberto" farm boasts years of experience. Currently, his care and growth are dedicated to Mr. Angelo and his young son Alberto. The products are many, that is:

Apples, conferred to the internationally renowned Cooperative "Melinda": the apple orchards extend over an area of ​​about 2.4 hectares, in which are produced the qualities of Golden Delicious (the most famous variety, with its yellow color and unmistakable taste) and the Red Delicious ;
More and from this year blueberries all conferred to the "Melinda" Cooperative: it is the last frontier in which the farm has ventured, to diversify production and to follow the enthusiasm and interest in the young Alberto's sector. The cultivated area is about 0.15 ha;
Potatoes: they are produced both for family use and for direct sales. In this case a very old tradition is used for the Valle di Non. The cultivated qualities, for a total area of ​​about 0.15 ha, are the "Spunta" (yellow potato) and the Majestic (white potato).
Other small fruits and vegetables produced in smaller quantities, in order to prepare the breakfasts in the most healthy and natural way possible. In order to obtain this high quality, cherries, apricots, yellow and red plums, sour cherries, blackcurrants, blackberries, strawberries for home use, vegetables (salad, tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, zucchini, cucumbers, green beans, onions and officinal herbs) are grown. ).

Naturally, Papa Angelo and son Alberto are always ready to share the secrets of their activity with the guests who want it!

Last but not least, it should be emphasized that the farm and Agritur Cristina are very attentive to the nature and ecological and energetic sustainability of the whole context in which they are located. In this sense, it is important to underline the fact that differentiated waste collection has been performed for years by creating a small "ecological island" in which plastic, glass, paper, wet part, aluminum, etc. are differentiated. . In addition, all the Agritur Cristina is heated using only renewable sources: the boiler is fed by wood and, if necessary, by wood pellets. Lastly, for the production of domestic hot water and, when possible, for heating, 6 thermal solar panels of the flat type are installed, to use the energy coming from the sun on a surface of approximately 12.5 m2.