San Romedio is the most interesting example of medieval christian art in Trentino. It’s a Franciscan sanctuary, 3km from Sanzeno, that rises on a chalky rock, 70 m high, in the middle of a wild gorge where Verdes stream merges into San Romedio stream: there it appears to visitors in all its breathtakingly beauty. The complex was built in different periods of time starting from the 5th century and it reached the present appearance during the 18th century. In an evocative and bold architectural way, following the rocky spur, visitors go up 131 steps to the top of the rock, through three superimposed churches.
You can go there from Sanzeno, through the way that follows San Romedio stream in the narrow gorge, or start from the Retical Museum and walk a striking path (2.5 km) flanking the mountain.

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Castel Thun is a castle, well-proportioned result of different building steps, that overlooks the vale from a high hill.  It’s surrounded by a composite fortification complex of towers, bulwarks, moat and bastions; wide gardens spread over hill and dale. Crossing the large Spanish Door, you get to the drawbridge and the courtyard, where the mansion is built. 
On the inside there are numerous halls, still luxuriously furnished, and a very interesting portrait collection of the noble family. The most renowned room is the Bishop's room (16th century), entirely lined with Cimbrian wood; but there are also the kitchen, the weapon room, living rooms and bedrooms.
Castel Thun is always been inhabited, and it maintained its furniture in the course of time; but after the fall of the lineage, in 1926 it passed to the bohemian branch of the family and when the last Thun descendant, Franz Thun Hohenstein, died in 1992, the local Council bought the monument, its rich art collections, the invaluable library and archive.

Castello del Buonconsiglio monumenti e collezioni provinciali
Via B. Clesio, 5
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Tovel Lake is the most evocative lake in the valley, set into Brenta Dolomites, recently declared a UNESCO world heritage site. Its water come from the snow melt, so it doesn’t have an inlet river. You can walk around the lake enjoying the amazing colours, from brilliant green to crystal blue; it’s also the starting point of trails to a lot of mountain huts where you can eat and be delighted by an unique sight of Val di Non.
Just to preserve the nature, during the summer you can get to Tovel Lake only by the shuttle bus from Cles.

The Adamello Brenta national park is the largest protected area in Trentino and it’s located in the western part of Trentino, including both the Adamello and Brenta mountain ranges, which are separated from Rendena Valley and included between Non, Sole and Giudicarie valleys. Inside the park there is the Adamello glacier, one of the most wide in Europe.


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Val di Non is also known as “the Canyon Valley”, with its two canyon Rio Sas and “Parco Fluviale Novella”. Narrow gorges, from 25cm to 30m deep, high rocks with whirling water falls merge into a thick vegetation; also barrages, thermal resort, hydroelectric central that narrate the history of our land.
Thanks to walkways and ladders you can go inside a charming land with fossils, stalactites and stalagmites created by erosion, red and green algae that colour with unexpected flames the rocks, unique and lush vegetation given by constant atmosphere and humidity.
You can visit the canyon just booking the tour.

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Located in the municipality of Sarnonico, in Alta Val di Non, the path of the Dolomites Golf Club is considered not only one of the most challenging golf in 18 holes of the Alps, but also one of the most beautiful and evocative tracks, surrounded with ' It is the incomparable beauty of the Brenta Dolomites and the Maddalene chain.

Each hole is framed it in an alpine landscape of rare beauty: the holes 1 to 9 wind in a pleasant pine forest and the massive backdrop of the Brenta often snowy, while the remaining nine greens curiously framed the glimpse of a different country: the 12th hole the country of Cavareno, 13, the commune of Sarnonico, 14, the village of the Fund, the 16 bell tower of the church of Seio and the background of the first villages in South Tyrol to the Passo Palade: natural setting of remarkable visual effect . A spectacular and exciting field with wide fairways and manicured, green, finely modeled, supplemented by deep, tricky bunkers and transparent pools of water; a technical course and challenging to satisfy players of all levels, even the most demanding. The field covers an area of ​​50 hectares and consists, in addition to the 18-hole, four-hole executive course, driving range, putting green, pitching green and chipping green.

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For who loves mountain bikes and trekking there are special routes with short, medium or long distance and different rise and difficulty. Through mountains, woods, apple fields, you’ll know Val di  Non in all its beauty and uniqueness: can you imagine to walk or pedal through apple orchards in bloom or full of Melinda apples?